CAT or CT Scan

CT Scanner 2 Computerised tomography, sometimes referred to as a CAT or CT scan, is a specialised x-ray examination, which creates detailed images of internal organs in two dimensions (referred to as slices) and three dimensional (3D) imaging.

You may be asked to change into a gown. A CT radiographer will position you on a bed that will move through a large "donut" shaped x-ray scanner. Images will be taken when the appropriate area for diagnosis lies directly within the donut apparatus. Though the scanning bed will move during the scan, you will be asked to remain very still, and may be asked to hold your breath while some images are taken. The test is painless. Some CT scans require an injection of contrast medium, which shows up on the CT images and enables the radiologist to identify some organs or areas more clearly.

The Bournemouth Private Clinic at Royal Bournemouth Hospital has 2 CT scanners including the latest and most advanced 320 slice Toshiba scanner, which delivers outstanding images with lower radiation dose.