Diagnostic Vascular Imaging & Interventional Radiology

CT ScannerVascular imaging uses a number of different technologies to allow clinicians to view arteries and veins. This includes various types of Angiography that usually involves the injection of materials that 'show up' on x-rays, to less invasive methods using ultrasound and special soft tissue scans.

Interventional radiology encompasses any procedure that is invasive, usually involving the insertion of a needle, cannula (tube), catheter, or wire into the patient for diagnosis and/or treatment. This is a rapidly developing area of radiology and is increasingly used instead of more invasive surgical procedures. Procedures include angioplasty (insertion of a balloon into a vein or artery to widen it and improve circulation), stenting (insertion of a tube to keep an artery or a vein open), embolisation (blocking off an artery, such as to a fibroid or kidney tumour) and biopsies.