Critical Care

ICU Critical care services allow us to monitor patient s closely and intervene to manage challenges before they cause problems. To do this we need complex and specialist equipment, a very high ratio of experienced nurses and speciality consultants 24/7.

The level of care or dependency is adjusted constantly to individual need. Our critical care team also offers an outreach service. Highly specialised doctors and nurses can be called to attend BPC immediately day and night. They will conduct a bedside review and start treatment if required. If needed we can transfer patients to critical care immediately.

Care on BPC is by Registered Nurses at an average of twice the ratio of nurse to patients than National Institute of Clinical Excellence standards. For all BPC patients we record frequent observations of vital signs, these are recorded electronically and are viewed centrally. If they change and trigger an "early warning score" system, this sets in place a cascade of review and intervention to ensure deteriorating patients are identified and treatment given as early as possible.

In an emergency BPC has immediate access to all the resources of The Royal Bournemouth Hospital. Our emergency response teams (cardiac arrest, major haemorrhage and peri arrest) are all on site and on duty 24/7. Multispecialty medical teams are available all day and everyday to BPC patients.