Consultants with Practicing Privileges at Bournemouth Private Clinic

All Consultants, Doctors and Scientists who offer and provide services at Bournemouth Private Clinic are subject to rigorous vetting and credential checking on appointment and rechecking and validation each year. Our team all have NHS appointments in University Hospital Dorset NHS Trust. Our Register of Practicing Privileges is managed by our Medical Advisory Committee.

Some of our team offer private services at a number of independent hospitals in addition to Bournemouth Private Clinic. Those who are based for private practice at other hospital groups and do not accept referrals direct to Bournemouth Private Clinic are listed here. These Doctors have full practising privileges at Bournemouth Private Clinic and admit, operate and provide services with us. We are not able to arrange consultations directly with these doctors and they should be contacted via the private hospitals they offer consultations at.

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