Chest Medicine

AsthmaThe Thoracic Medicine Unit offers a wide range of diagnostic services and on-going management of conditions affecting the lung including asthma, COPD, lung cancer, bronchiectasis, tuberculosis and more unusual conditions.

When you come to the Thoracic Medicine Unit you can be assured that you will be treated by a dedicated specialist team and cared for your individual needs. The Unit provides respiratory Function Testing carried out in an excellent pulmonary function laboratory facility by a specialist team of Respiratory Physiologists and Technical Officers. The following tests are offered:

  • Spirometry and reversibility testing
  • Assessment of lung volumes
  • Flow Volume Loop
  • Transfer Factor
  • Overnight oximetry
  • Histamine challenge
  • Exercise induced asthma challenge
  • Respiratory muscle strength assessment

The Unit also carries out BCG (Mantoux) tests and BCG vaccinations at the TB Clinic.

Bronchoscopy procedures are performed in the Endoscopy Department.

If you already have a referral from your G.P. and wish to book an appointment with a consultant, please contact the consultant's secretary directly.

If you would like more general information about the service, please email us at or telephone 01202 720275.