Hospital Fees

Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasound Scan From £210*

Xray Screening From £92*

Antenatal Scans From £95

MRI Scan Prices under review

CT Scan Prices under review

Cardiac CT scan From £589*

Cardiac MRI scan From £732*
Skin Conditions Curettage/Cauterisation of skin lesions From £170

Mohs Surgery £850

Shave/Punch Biopsy From £170

Phototherapy £264
Thoracic Medicine BCG Test £50

Full Resps £214

N.B. The above prices do not include the consultant’s fee unless specially stated. Please discuss the consultant’s fees with your consultant directly.

*This price is inclusive of the radiologist’s reporting fee.

Other prices available upon request.

The company reserves the right to alter, amend, add or remove the published fees. Please contact us for current prices before booking.